Nocera: Water, Land and Castles

Our B&B is located in the town Nocera Umbra. Nocera is a pleasant medieval village full of history and located at the bottom of the mountain chain of the Apennines (Umbria-Marche) and next to the Via Flaminia.

There are two elements that characterize this land, water and earth. In the thirteenth century AC, Nocera was famous because of its medicinal baths. Leopardi, Pirandello (the painter) or St. Francis of Assisi, were some of the characters who benefited from the healing waters. There are many springs in the area, one of the most popular is the spring called “Angelica”, which gives its name to the brand of mineral water.

In addition to this the land, argillaceous, white and alkaline, “terra di Nocera”,  has many therapeutic properties. Its medicinal and cosmetic properties are known since the sixth century BC.
The historic center of Nocera is a small open-air museum and you can visit the Municipal Art Gallery and the Archaeological Museum

The most interesting route is the one that crosses 15 different castles and watchtowers, vestiges of the Roman empire, the Lombard and medieval ages. Some are ruins of castles but worth a visit each of them, as it is, above all, in the abandoned tower, where you can experience the most intense emotions.