Mountain biking and cycling: The area offers endless possibilities for bike lovers in each of its forms, for experts and for beginners, or for those who simply want to take a walk on Sunday. Routes for the fans of mountain bike and pathways for bikes have great appeal, they give direct contact with nature and landscape treasures of Umbria and Marche. White trails, meadows, forest trails, climbing, plains … You have plenty of options! There is a tradition in the area, a beginners competition that takes place during the festival of red potatoes in August and there is also the passing of the classic race “Gran fondo della pace”. You can rent bikes from us, for adults and children.

Swimming pool and Spa: At our B&B we have a pool for children and we are in contact with a Spa & Swimming pool few km away from us. We will gladly give you more information when requested.

Quad: The quad excursions are one of the amusements of the area.

Its versatility combined with the convenience of being able to go two people, make it the ideal transport for any kind of terrain, also no special driving-requirements are needed. We will be at your disposal to give you information about rental quad in the area.

Paragliding and paramotor: The plateaus of Umbria and Marche are one of the best places in central Italy for lovers of these sports or for those who want to try for the first time.  There are different areas where you can practice these in the area.

         Colfiorito Area:

         Decollo di Macchialunga      S-SW-W-NW   disl 600

         Decollo di Monte Pennino   S-SW-W-NW   disl 700

         Decollo di Monte Lago          SE-E-NE-N       disl 750

         Decollo di Cesi                        SW                    disl 250

         Decollo di Annifo                    E                       disl 300

         Decollo delle Muratelle         E                       disl 250

         Decollo di Tolagna                 N -NW              disl 600

         We are in direct contact with the flying organizations of the area. 

Nordik walking: consists in walking (also running, jumping and doing exercises) with sticks specially developed for this activity and it is an easy, natural and effective way to improve the physical condition and to tone the muscles of the body, without limits of age, sex or physical preparation. The Nordik Walking can be considered one of the most complete physical activities as it involves 90% of our muscles and is ideal for people who do not usually practice sport or for those who are poorly trained.
Umbria – Marche plateaus are the perfect place to practice this activity, because of the morphology and diversity of their landscapes. In summer  there are Nordik walking events organized for groups.
If this is the first time you get close to this sport, you can rent everything you need to practice it from us.

Trekking: The area is ideal for trekking fans. There are numerous places for practice arqueotrekking and the fascinating birdwatching in the Natural Park of Colfiorito. For organized tours, the references are the group Arci Bagnara FIE and the Colfiorito Park. The B&B has a strategic position to explore new paths in the town of Nocera Umbra and Colfiorito Park (Municipality of Foligno) and near Serravalle di Chienti (MC). We will gladly give you more information.



Moto Cross: There are two circuits in the area of Colfiorito and another in Gualdo Tadino for fans of this discipline, the mountains and valleys of the area are used as a natural circuit for practicing this sport.

Running: There are numerous suitable places for running and jogging. There are two famous competitions in the area, registered to the circuit of Umbria, “il Giro dell’Altopiano” to Taverne (Serravalle di Chienti) in July and “Il Giro della Montagna” in Annifo, in August. The weather is ideal because midsummer mornings and evenings are always cool and pleasant for running.


Grass skiing: In this splendid territory it is possible to practice skiing on grass. Yes! You have understood well: Ski all year long!
There are two tracks: on Mount Alago and in the town of Afrile.

Snowshoe walks: During winter, the snowshoes walks tours organized to climb to Mount Pennino or walk through plain plateaus are common. On a sunny day, reaching the summit of Mount Pennino and watch the snowed landscape, is priceless.

Horse riding In the whole area it is possible to make excursions on horseback. Riding in the woods or meadows, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, away from the pollution of the city, it is a pleasure that can not be waived. We will be at your disposal to give you more information about this activity.

Rock climbing: From our B&B you can reach in a short time to the rocky wall Gelagna Alta (23 km) in Marche, to the rocky wall of Pale in Umbria (25 km) or to the one in Pioraco Marche (27 km ). You can spend a few days practicing climbing, surrounded by nature and enjoying delicious cuisine.


Dog Training: at the plateau of Colfiorito, a wide plain area, where dog competitions take place and hunting dogs are trained throughout the year.

Fishing (fagiolaro): At the lagoon of Colfiorito, in a small part, called “fagiolaro” you can practice fly-fishing. Fans can practice this discipline surrounded by a unique nature.



Rafting: The region of Umbria is famous for its numerous suitable torrents for rafting and canoeing. We will gladly give you more information about the best places to practice this sport and areas that are still unexplored.