Oasi naturale di Colfiorito

In the municipality of Foligno, 750 m s. n. m. and less than 10 km away from our B&B, there is a vast area protected internationally due to the importance of their position and the immense value of its avi-fauna and plant species growing in her area, it is the “Parco di Colfiorito “.

The park occupies an area of 338 hectares and is located on the plateau of Colfiorito. Of the total surface, 100 hectares are occupied by the Colfiorito’s Lagoon, Natura 2000 defines it as “one of the best examples of central Italy wetlands and one of the few that are in good state of conservation from the karst-tectonic Apennines basins”.

Natura 2000 is the main instrument of the policy of the European Union used to safeguard biodiversity; was instituted from the summit of the earth in Rio de Janeiro 92 ‘and is based on the creation of a network of Sites of Community Importance (SCI), or what is the same, places of great natural value internationally considered, because of their specimens of flora and fauna that contribute to maintaining exceptional biodiversity of the region where they live.

Colfiorito Park is one of those places which is ideal to practice outdoor activities and for being in contact with nature like: trekking, nordik walking, hiking and horse riding, quad, biking or motorcycle tours, mountain biking and birdwatching.